Friday, February 1, 2008

Stupid People...

... I realized today, that the one thorn in my side that keeps aching is that of... stupid people. It's not a lack of intelligence, or ignorance, or naivety. No, one can be all of those things, and still not be stupid. Indeed, on even my best days I'll glaringly exhibit most of those traits at some time. To me, being stupid is more related to pride.

See, in order to be stupid, you have to exhibit those traits, and then waltz around the world in complete denial and self-assurance in your intelligence/knowledge/common sense. A stupid person does not listen to people that point to facts and say - have you thought about? A stupid person ignores that there are other people in the room potentially better in some area than them. A stupid person lives in a world so self-oriented that everyone should kiss their ass.

Even the most intelligent people can be stupid, it's not what you know, it's what you *think* you know.

And everyday, they seem to fuck with me in some annoying and small way. From the religious nut jobs, to the politicians, to various coworkers, and former friends. People that think they know better so they can inflict their idiocy upon me.

Such is life...

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