Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quest for a piano teacher contines...

Well, I took Saturday to visit several music stores in the area.

I've discovered a couple things:
#1 - Keyboardists and Piano players are second class citizens in the music world
#2 - Music teachers are very hit and miss

I guess I knew these both before. (Hey, the keyboardist is always the last band member to laid right?)

So far, I haven't been happy with much of what I've found. I'm seriously considering just going through a college and calling it a day, but that will put my plans on hold because I refuse to pay that much when I'm still paying off college, and moving/starting my life over, etc...

So, via google, I've done some websearching for local business and dropped some emails. Hopefully I get some responses. You'd think people would jump out of the woodwork for business.... Oh well...

In other news, while visiting the music stores I snagged a guitar cord, and discovered, after using said cord, I don't suck nearly as much as I thought - I might actually be able to play guitar. So, work continues on progressing above Bill & Ted garage band level there. So far, it's going well. (I think I might actually have passed Bill & Ted already, wooo!)

Edit: Damn it, I really can't type today.

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