Thursday, January 31, 2008

The race is on....

... and I'm disgusted. The problem with being able to care about politics? It sucks.

So, now it's between Romney & McCain, and Clinton and Obama... I suspect that McCain can beat Clinton, Obama can defeat both, and Romney v Clinton will be any person's game. I don't like any of them.

So, looks like my first vote for President is going to be a "Protest" 3rd party thing. Bleh.

Some part of me is expecting Clinton v. Romney - the ultimate in robot vs. douchebag.

Is it worth caring anymore?

My idea: a recall process for all federal elected officials. If the recall is successful, the outgoing scum gets a firing squad. Any takers?

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Heather said...

Call it Clash of the Douchbags, but this is the first election that I can remember that has actually been interesting. It's a lot better than hearing about that Spears chick all the time.