Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The world is changing...

A rather interesting article crossed my browser today, from the KC star of all places.


Things that I found most interesting was the last paragraph:

Hindus claimed the highest retention of childhood members, at 84 percent. The group with the worst retention is one of the fastest growing — Jehovah’s Witnesses. Only 37 percent of those raised in the sect said they remain members.

Indeed, the thing that struck me most about reading this was that, for all the talking of faith and religion, and the religious right - as a country, we have this sickness of glossing over and pretending faith. Why do I say sickness?

It's not the belief system, it's the lack of caring. It's adopting views about society, the world, what is bad and good, and following them without giving regard to consequence. The article above mentions some of the fluidity of belief - people moving away from churches to others. The large portions of society that identify themselves as "Christian", but can give no detail as to what branch. Non-denominational churches are rapidly growing, and a larger and larger number have moved to a "personal faith".

Now, to be fair, a large number of people that move or change faith have given a great deal of thought to it. And further, the fact that such a large number of people have changed faiths could very well say good things about people giving thought to what they believe. The problem I have, is the large number of people that are "cultural Christians".

"The End of Faith" makes an interesting point about these moderates in our society. The large contingent of people that are "just Christian" give those that want to see extremist policies more power. Because, "it doesn't affect me". The end result? States like Kansas try to push notions like "Intelligent Design" as science, and Presidential candidates are not laughed out of the room for "not believing in evolution".

Of course, the complete apathy over faith might lead to some enlightened philosophy... But, then again, I think there's something to be said for faith and belief and so on, or at least, remember what it is.

Part of me thinks that maybe we're just all burned out from the bat-shit insane religious right. Looking at the youths leaving the JWs, and seeing the number that just never really took to the lifestyle, and just want to live.... I think the vast majority could be termed in that light. Still, the cause of the apathy doesn't change the fact that it's there.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back among the living...

Flu had me down, but not out. Good to be functional again. Now, got to get back in the swing of blogging.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quest for a piano teacher contines...

Well, I took Saturday to visit several music stores in the area.

I've discovered a couple things:
#1 - Keyboardists and Piano players are second class citizens in the music world
#2 - Music teachers are very hit and miss

I guess I knew these both before. (Hey, the keyboardist is always the last band member to laid right?)

So far, I haven't been happy with much of what I've found. I'm seriously considering just going through a college and calling it a day, but that will put my plans on hold because I refuse to pay that much when I'm still paying off college, and moving/starting my life over, etc...

So, via google, I've done some websearching for local business and dropped some emails. Hopefully I get some responses. You'd think people would jump out of the woodwork for business.... Oh well...

In other news, while visiting the music stores I snagged a guitar cord, and discovered, after using said cord, I don't suck nearly as much as I thought - I might actually be able to play guitar. So, work continues on progressing above Bill & Ted garage band level there. So far, it's going well. (I think I might actually have passed Bill & Ted already, wooo!)

Edit: Damn it, I really can't type today.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Stupid People...

... I realized today, that the one thorn in my side that keeps aching is that of... stupid people. It's not a lack of intelligence, or ignorance, or naivety. No, one can be all of those things, and still not be stupid. Indeed, on even my best days I'll glaringly exhibit most of those traits at some time. To me, being stupid is more related to pride.

See, in order to be stupid, you have to exhibit those traits, and then waltz around the world in complete denial and self-assurance in your intelligence/knowledge/common sense. A stupid person does not listen to people that point to facts and say - have you thought about? A stupid person ignores that there are other people in the room potentially better in some area than them. A stupid person lives in a world so self-oriented that everyone should kiss their ass.

Even the most intelligent people can be stupid, it's not what you know, it's what you *think* you know.

And everyday, they seem to fuck with me in some annoying and small way. From the religious nut jobs, to the politicians, to various coworkers, and former friends. People that think they know better so they can inflict their idiocy upon me.

Such is life...