Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kid Nation - WTF?

Has anyone been following this show?

I find it deeply disturbing. Not the so called exploitation of children, or the low number of adults around, but...

The blatant messages about the irresponsible use of alcohol

I don't know know if the producers of the show are attempting to make a point here. Or if this is just bad management, or encouragement... Or maybe, they are just behaving like their parents.

I like drinking. On my birthday, I went out with friends. Substantial amounts of alcohol and huge bar tab were involved. I do shots. I do strong mixed drinks. I do beer.

Still seeing impressionable preteens sitting at a "soda bar" drinking their troubles away. Doing "soda shots"... The faux party atmosphere. Seeing kids do it? Well, it's like hearing about 10 year olds giving each other blowjobs. Nothing wrong with the act, but, it's not yet time. Throwing these concepts at children invites all levels of crap as they grow up - alcoholism, etc... I really have to question a show on which I can see a 12 and 14 year olds doing shots. That they do them (near) correctly, well... it's bothersome.

As a society we need to develop some balance and show healthy drinking and partying. Going out partying and drinking and fun? It's cool until it bleeds over and starts interfering with living. Are we predisposing youth to a life of alcoholism when they go to a soda bar to 'drink away their problems'? What happens when the sugar water is replaced by something more potent?

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