Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Disturbing Thought for the Week

Have you ever stopped to wonder if your mom gave dad a blow job before she kissed you goodnight?


Beatlemaniac said...

omgsh! what made u think of that? thats so ewwish! Where'd you get that idea?! No I never thought about that before. I doubt my mom would've doen that and i know YOUR parents wouldn't do that!

Me...I thnik i'd wait til my kid(s) were asleep. but i'm not saying whether or no i'd do or not do that cuz family affairs aren't ur buisness.lolz!

Nuke said...

Nope. Thankfully (or regrettably, your choice) my folks outlined their complete incompetence in that activity when the topic came up while watching Steve Martin's "Parenthood".

Ask me some time, and I'll share Mom's exact words. They are burned into my brain forever.