Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear EA,

I waited for Spore since I saw the first demo.

I would have gladly forked over double what you are currently charging.

I saw it as the first unique game in a long time.

When I go to the store, and purchase a video game, I expect to be able to use the CD-ROM for as long as I can find a computer to run it. *NOT* until I hit a magic 3 install limit and have to call a customer support line that will (or maybe will not) provide me with another "activation".

Spore - defective by design and not on my Christmas list.

Fuck you EA - you ruined a great game.

1 comment:

nuke said...

Stupid EA! I wasn't even gonna get it (tho it did sound like something new and I thought it would do well), but still this decision is just... can I say stupid again?

So anyway, now that you are full of venom and frustration you should come play WOW with Logtar and myself! Get out some agression by crushing the forces of evil.