Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vegetarian Challenge - Day 3

I could really go for a hamburger now, preferably with bacon. And a steak. Maybe finish that off with a nice ham. Then polish the day off with a turkey sandwich.

3 days so far, and still successful at avoiding meat. The change in diet does seem to be doing some good, but it's really too short to know. I'm realizing now that I don't get nearly enough vegetables in my normal diet.

It's odd, that my 'challenge' to myself is basically to eat a diet that a great many people are forced to eat - simply because meat can be a luxury when you have little at all to eat. We take meat granted, largely due to an enormous amount of industrial know how and ability.

Actually, we as a society take food granted. There are groups of people that live here, yes, that have difficulty obtaining good food. But, those challenges are small compared to what can be found in other countries.

Still, I'm in the mood for a steak.


Average Jane said...

I once took a vacation with my sister in Mexico at a resort that was all vegetarian and healthy. At the time, we thought, "That'll be good for us!" By the time we got through customs on the way home, we were so starved for meat that we made a beeline to the airport Burger King and pigged out on burgers and Cokes.

Spyder said...

Ever eat a vegetarian? Taste better than a meat eater. So I'm told.