Monday, May 5, 2008

Need some advice...

I have been receiving phone calls from a company listed as "BCR". They have repeatedly called and asked for someone that is not me. Generally, they like to stretch the bounds of legal limits in terms of calling times. I have respectfully informed them the person they were looking for did not have this number, and that I did not wish them to call back. They continue calling.

Unfortunately, the calls continue. My question: what steps do I need to take in terms of getting these annoying, daily, phone calls to stop? As I have no business relationship with these people and have repeatedly asked them to stop calling, is this not violating SOME law? If it's not, it damn well should be.

The number they are calling me with is: 1.866.364.9836 - this number is tied to numerous complaints online in regards to harassing phone calls. I do not have an address or any information with which to write them.

A small part of me wants to inflict some pain upon them in some legal way/shape/form for repeatedly waking me up on the weekend and interrupting my dinner. I think I actually became "that guy" with this last phone calling, telling them "You have me really pissed off, I don't fucking know ****, I'm sick of your calling, and I don't want you to call back. Am I clear?"

Which was responded to with a click. You know, if I was ***** I'd be fairly upset about a debt collecting firm calling some random person and informing them that I owed a debt. Again, if that's not illegal, it damn well SHOULD be.

If they call again tomorrow, I might just stroke. As if dealing making a trip to a family that thinks I'm the anti-Christ to say goodbye to a dieing relative wasn't enough.



Spyder said...

Have you signed your phone number up on the no call list? Do so then next time they call tell them that you are reporting them.

Kristina said...

two words:

air horn.