Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I hate AT&T

I *HAD* fully intended on putting in a deposit and application fee for a really nice apartment on Saturday. I liked the floor plan, I liked the people, I liked the pool.... That decision is being thrown into a large amount of doubt by the utility company - AT&T. I have a Cingular/AT&T phone, it's been good so far. Of course, it was good before AT&T bought them.

Here's what I have now from Time Warner Cable -
- High Definition Digital Cable with Showtime
- High definition DVR w/ dual tuner, high def digital output
- High bandwidth internet access (measured at 6.4mbps)
- Digital phone service w/ Unlimited long distance and call waiting
- 1 Bill
TOTAL - about $130 before taxes

Here's what AT&T is offering if I move -
- Digital Satellite, no premium channels
- Non-HD DVR (no HD available), single tuner, requires phoneline, AV output only
- High bandwidth internet access (3.0 mbps rated)
- Phone service w/ 120 minutes long distance included
- Separate bills for each service
TOTAL - $54.95 + $5.99 + $59.99 = $120.93

So, the prices are roughly the same, and I get to loose high definition TV, 1/2 my internet access speeds for remoting to work, and the ability to watch lost and record one of my other shows at the same time. Where do I sign up?

AT&T - YOU SUCK - and you lost a very apartment complex a lease.

Anyway, the apartment is nice enough to make me ponder whether or not I want to nuke them on this issue, but I'm *really* leaning toward it. It's sad to, I *really* liked what the seemed to offer.

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